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At GOODNESS, we build our meals around the pure ingredients of our planet, balancing taste with sustainability and health. We celebrate what cooking has always been about: consciously prepared meals made with the purest and freshest ingredients available. We’ve stopped fighting the desire to indulge in tasty foods, and created nourishing foods we can feel good about eating in abundance. While eating at GOODNESS, you will simply feel like we do: REALLY GOOD!!


Located in the heart of it all

When we decided to make this a unique place, the idea was not to suddenly count our calories, check our cholesterol, or reduce our sodium intake. Our mission was simple: create a GOOD place that we want to eat at daily and that’s guilt free. We envisioned delicious food, free from processed and chemically enhanced ingredients – truly natural whole food that tastes really, really good.

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2502 N Campbell Ave
Tucson, AZ 85719